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Most everything "single engine", with leading edge wing mounted or cowl mounted landing lights is on the list. If we missed your aircraft model, please let us know. Some models will be very easy to add to the AML and most all are easily field approved especially now that the STC is complete. Better yet we can approve most non STC’d installations ourselves on your aircraft on a single serial number basis as long as we can inspect it or see installation photos.

We also have a landing gear mounted version of the HID application for aircraft, which is not STC’ed but easily approvable. This is an excellent, simple option if you don’t have wing mounting provisions. It makes a great taxi light location even if you already have wing mounted lights and is readily approvable.

We are also actively pursuing a number of helicopter models to add to our model list. HID lights in Helicopter applications is a very exiting new field for us and will offer some tremendous advantages to the operator. HID’s will give them all the power they need and with two options for beam patterns but only drawing 4 amps each and without the heat problems of the 250 watt and up, incandescent bulbs.

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